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If you have someone you'd like to pray for or have some news or testimony you wish to share, please use our online prayer request or our online news and testimony

Let us, then, pray without ceasing, not in the name of any human being, but in the name of Him who is our substitute and surety. He has given us His name to use. "Ask in My name," He says. Then let us pray in faith. Let us not falter, but go forward from strength to strength, from victory to victory.

Youth Ministries

“The future of the church society is in the hands of the youth and children of today “

It is by the youth and children of today that the future of society is to be determined, and what these youth and children shall be depends upon the home.

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The Hamburg Ghana Church as well as Seventh-day Adventist Christians Worldwide would like to see themselves among those called “people of the Book.” It's very simple -- we love the Bible! Every week.

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